So in our chaotic lives, one of the places that can bring stress and pain to moms (and everyone!) is money. I've found a fantastic resource and affiliate with an amazing and unique approach: she helps clients discover their money story and relationship to money to facilitate change and growth.

And she encourages chocolate as part of the process!! Can't go wrong there!

Bari Tessler truly knows how to bring healing, confidence and hope to the subject so often associated with negative emotions, greed, guilt, shame, entitlement. Her methods and coaching almost feel like going to a yoga class, bringing kindness and compassion instead of guilt and stress.I can't say enough good things about the process.

I highly recommend Bari to help you change your story and re-define your future!


Let me just say that Major Mom is my hero! :) Love that Angela has titled her team as liberators. They come in, conquer clutter and train you and your family to do the same. Fantastic at evaluating what works and what doesn't and setting up customized systems.
Awesome tips, tricks, tools and solutions - make sure you tell them that Shari Beaudette with SPA Time Mom enlightened you!